My name is Ed. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for more than 10 years. When I came here, I didn’t know anybody and now there’s not one single week when I don’t get invites for Hollywood events.

I now go to shows in Hollywood all the time, hang out with celebrities and the most amusing thing is that it’s something that happened quickly and easily.

Once you know how to get access to these events, you get on lists and from there they start sending you invites automatically. To tell you the truth, because I get so many invites, I can’t go to all of them and get to picky about what I wanna see!

People have been driving me crazy to invite them to shows or to know how they can get in as well. So I finally came up with the idea of creating this website to give you all an easy way to learn how you can get in for free and party backstage with your favorite bands as well.

Hope you will enjoy this and maybe I’ll see you at some show!