Is it hard to get backstage passes?
No, everubody can do this. Once you know how to do it, it’s pretty easy. In addition when they start to know you, it’s even easier!

Is it safe to put my e-mail? Am I going to get spammed?
Yes it’s entirely safe feel free to read our privacy policy and Terms of Use. We will not give your e-mail to anybody and you will only get info from me about backstage passes and concerts.

Does it work with any type of music?
Yes, it does.

Can I get backstage passes for festivals?
Yes, you can.

How do you know it works?
Because I work in Hollywood and it’s how I learned about getting backstage passes. I now get invites and passes for so many events that I don’t even know where to start!

Do I need a ticket in addition to a backstage pass?

No, with a backstage pass, you get in for free, go to the party and see the show.